Application for Monero Fund Project Listing or General Fund Grant

Thanks for your interest in the Monero Fund!

We're incredibly grateful to contributors like you working to support Monero, Bitcoin and other free and open source projects.

The MAGIC Monero Fund is offering a grant program and fundraising platform to support Monero research and development, especially relating to privacy, security, user experience, and efficiency. Proposals can be related to the Monero protocol directly, or they can be related to other areas of the Monero ecosystem. For research projects, please refer to special instructions here.

Proposal Evaluation Criteria

Submitted proposals will be evaluated by the committee based on the following criteria:
  • Impact: The proposal should have a clear impact on the Monero Project.
  • Originality: The proposal should be original and not a rehash of existing work.
  • Feasibility: The proposal should be feasible to complete within the proposed time frame.
  • Quality: The proposal should be well-written and well-organized.
  • Relevance: The proposal should be relevant to the Monero Project.


All qualified researchers are eligible to apply, regardless of educational attainment or occupation. However, as a nonprofit organization registered under U.S. tax laws, MAGIC Grants is required to comply with certain laws when disbursing funds to grant recipients. Grant recipients must complete a Due Diligence checklist, which are the last two pages of this document. This includes the collection of your ID and tax information. We will conduct sanctions checks.

How to Submit a Proposal

To submit a proposal, please complete the form below or create an issue on Github. Applicants are free to use their legal name or a pseudonym at this step, although note the Eligibility section. You can choose to apply for a direct grant from the MAGIC Monero Fund's General Fund and/or request that your project be listed on to raise funds from Monero community members.

The MAGIC Monero Fund may require each recipient to sign a Grant Agreement before any funds are disbursed. This agreement will set milestones and funds will only be released upon completion of milestones. In order to comply with US regulations, recipients will need to identify themselves to MAGIC, in accordance with US law.

After submitting your application, please allow our team up to three weeks to review your application. Email us at if you have any questions.