About the MAGIC Monero Fund

MAGIC (Multidisciplinary Academic Grants in Cryptocurrencies) Grants is a 501(c)(3) U.S. nonprofit that focuses on building strong cryptocurrency communities and networks. The MAGIC Monero Fund is a subentity of MAGIC Grants guided by a five-member committee elected by Monero community members.

MAGIC Monero Fund Vision and Goals:

  • Improve the Monero ecosystem.
  • Support Monero development and research.
  • Create Monero educational resources.
  • Fund Monero security audits.
  • Run essential services that support the Monero ecosystem.

Committee Members

  • Rucknium is a Monero Research Lab researcher and economist who has focused on statistical obfuscation on Monero and Bitcoin Cash.

  • kayabaNerve is a Monero-ecosystem developer and security researcher who was the first to implement Monero atomic swaps with ASMR.

  • Deverick is an application security developer for Blackbaud, a leading nonprofit cloud services platform. He co-planned the 2021 Monero Party.

  • Csilla Brimer is a blockchain consultant at Willenrimer and a co-founder of the Open Economy Initiative. She co-planned the 2021 Monero Party.

  • monerobull is a distributor of marketing materials for Monero Outreach and moderates various communication channels of the Monero community.